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Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat


Bulging out tummies in place of abs, fat-laden thighs, drooping double chin like that of a bulldog: I am not saying this, but usually this is how most people talk about themselves when discussing their weight loss journey. More than often we come across people who complain about not losing the undesired heaps of fat from places such as their bellies and thighs and more than often it has come down to the same reason i.e. inappropriate exercises and at inappropriate times with zero lifestyle changes.
So let’s do a little bit of digging into what is it really that is preventing the youth and the elderly alike from burning that extra bit of fat. First things first, you are probably doing the wrong exercise.”You need to do a combination of weights and cardiovascular training,” says Sangeeta Kashyap, MD, an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic. Secondly, maybe you need to look into your sleeping habits. Yes, my friends, contrary to popular belief it’s true that skipping sleep leads to weight gain. Period. Furthermore, weight gain is just one consequence of burning that late-night oil, according to research skipping those early hours of sleep leads to early aging and loss of neurons in your brain which means you are losing on your intellectual abilities. Thirdly, you may have an underlying health problem that is causing weight gain, so if you think or even have the slightest bit of doubt or a family history of hypothyroidism visit your nearest physician ASAP before you hit the gym. After being declared clear from all the above medical issues you can work out on your diet plans, your workout routines along with a change in that late night munching habits that basically are the culprit in getting you ‘them fat bellies!’

However we have good news too for you, things have started to change. Yes, believe it or not, but people have started to burn their extra layers of fat in Canary Wharf and Docklands with the help of personal trainers available at our studios: they are the people who are constantly monitoring your progress and giving you the desired and required amount of pep talk every day so that you can meet your desired body goals. No matter how old, young, or fat you are they are there to help you get through these tough times. Our trainers will be providing you personal training in Kensington and helping you tone down those bellies so that you can have that dress and look sassy as Selena. A lot of people have benefited after joining this studio, so why can’t you?

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