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How to eat out and stay on track

A lot of our clients eat out on more than one occasion throughout the week. This may be for social events or business dinners. How frequently this happens can make it difficult for someone to stay on track with their fitness goals. So how should you ensure you stay on track and not allow the efforts you put into the gym go to waste?

More often than not when eating out at a restaurant you will consume more calories than when you eat at home. These simple strategies will help you avoid this:


Go Green

Request for the chef to add more vegetables on your plate to replace the more calorie-dense options such as: pasta, rice and potatoes.


Portion control

Keep your portions small with what is likely to be a richer meal than what you may normally have at home.


Pass on the bread

If offered bread while you are waiting for your meal, pass it on. This will save you at least 100 calories in excess of the main dish.


Have no more than two courses

A starter and a main will be your best choice. This will be the least calorie-dense option. After having the main meal it is wise to a avoid desert which will be high in sugar regardless of what your options are.


Stay dry

Ask for sources and salad dressings on the side. That way, you can add them as needed and avoid excessive amounts most restaurants dish out.


Always ask for a glass of water

If you eat out regularly, then except on one occasion in the week only order water with your meal. This will help you limit excess calories from fruit juices or alcohol that are stopping you from achieving your goal.

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